by Meraine

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150 x „Black Marrow“ LP / Gatefold / Downloadcode incl.
350 x „Tear Blue“ LP / Gatefold / Downloadcode incl.
100 x Tape
Also available on CD and Digital


released September 30, 2016

Recorded live, mixed and mastered in February 2016 at Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg Germany bei Roland Wiegner.

Released by Moment Of Collapse Records



all rights reserved


Meraine Lüdenscheid, Germany

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Track Name: Empathy
it seems like that the century of self
has reached it’s peak these days with the refusal of different values
in so many disgusting ways
and an arrogant feeling of superiority


indifference is walking through the streets today
without hearts and no sign of empathy
with eyes just for its own needs
and with blindness for the weak
’cause all they know is cheap, dumb and useless hate

is this still a society?
how can you still call this society?
tell me how
Track Name: Teeth
i can feel them in my skin
the teeth
and they’re going deeper
in my flesh

and they remind me constantly
to live up to something
to fail at something
to repeat this scenery and
over and over again

there’re times
my soul wants to hide
in a black hole
so deep
they can’t reach me
so deep just to keep them off my skin

i want to smash time’s
fucking face to the ground
Track Name: Limbs
isolated and without control
dead water and no air
the river
i was lost in the river

but on the waterside i caught limbs strong and wide
that saved my soul from this desperate ride
and i realized that there was more to live
so i inhaled everything


but with grown old skin i’m now stumbling across
these worn out limbs
that are rottenly announcing loss

I am afraid
of losing control
and to fall back in
the river again
Track Name: Rusted Veins
feeling so miserably numb
and wondering if this is just
an empty shell
with rills of blood
crawling through rusted

and somehow about
to blow up

i close my eyes to rest
and i dream of a
burning heart

i need something to light up the fire in my chest
is it to late?
so i can feel awake again
thorax decayed.
everything has to be in time

but there really is just one true deadline
and it’s mine

work, sleep, repeat
until you no longer
Track Name: Black Raven
black raven
it’s like i’ve travelled a long way
just to listen what you have to say
so tell me:

will there be
the day when
all this ever-growing madness ends?

’cause down there
i cannot breathe

in such great heights
i can clean my lungs
from all of this old dust
and with you i am
in good company

so just sing your song for me
a song about beauty, of chances and bravery

and when you fly away
my only hope is that
your majestic tune
will clear my view
Track Name: Floatage
i am sitting here
looking out for words to say
but i’m more looking out
for signals and i am left here with anxiety

when you say you miss the feeling to feel
with water so deep
and with air so thick
it is hard to reach you

but i’m trying to be the lighthouse that sends you a soft shimmer
to guide you home
i will drain all the oceans
i will climb the highest mountains
and let you
breathe in

and from above we watch the clouds
drifting by so far away
the wind blows your favorite melody
you feel the / goosebumps on your arms?
so let them flood your whole body

to replace the pain
Track Name: Abandon
we used to spin around in a stable orbit
within a strong gravity that bound us together

everything felt safe and we were encircled by
a propulsive passion that gave us a sense and hope
but things had changed

there was just us
sharing a feeling like never before
and through flickering eyes we saw
dancing souls

when did passion become routine?
and what about the other reasons that seem to be gone now?

somewhere along we passed
the point of no return
just when we
lost connection
to each other
and already had drifted apart
Track Name: Marrow
there’s nothing left to say
there are no words to share
all poured out frustration and anger made
me feel like a stranger to myself

so now I’m here, a bared shell
the world around me keeps turning on
but I’m stuck here and frozen
I’m so tired of good-byes

ways that cross and enrich
just to loose themselves again
these walls they are crushing me to death
they haunt me and whisper in my ears:

“isn’t that the way you wanted everything to be?”

while it’s raining
we keep dancing
to the song that
plays in our hearts